Meet Our Staff

Sherri Gansz

Sherri is a Licensed Certified Social Worker.  She is originally from AR but over the last 15 years has moved often with her husband and family due to his career in the U.S. Army.  Upon his upcoming retirement, Sherri and her family have made Northwest Arkansas their home and are hoping to give to a community her passion for serving and helping others in need as they have done throughout her husband’s career.  Sherri has been married for sixteen years and has four children and two grandchildren. Sherri received her Bachelors in Social Work from Jonesboro, AR and her Masters in Social Work from Fayetteville, NC.  Sherri’s experience in a public mental health agency in North Carolina, working with military families during stressful times, and the vast experience gained in Arkansas over the past few years working in school settings, outpatient therapy and inpatient staff and psychiatrists has given her tremendous insight into the mental health field.  She hopes to work with local schools, churches, businesses, nursing homes and doctor’s offices for referrals, needs assessments and coordinating care with other agencies. This has been Sherri’s passion and dream to be active in a local community and to provide hope and encouragement for those emotionally, physically or spiritually in pain.  Moving forward Sherri is hoping to organize a variety of group sessions dealing with weight loss management, grief, anxiety, depression and light therapy treatment.

Carrie Jenkins

Carrie is a board-certified music therapist with a Masters degree in Music Therapy from Drury University.  She has been practicing music therapy since the summer of 2010.  She is the owner and therapist at Music Therapy of Northwest Arkansas with an office at Cardinal Care Center.

Carrie has worked with many clients and populations.  These include children with developmental disabilities, such as Down Syndrome and Autism, geriatric populations, including patients with Alzheimers/Dementia, and people with multiple disabilities. Aside time spent in Springfield, MO for college, Carrie has lived in Fayetteville, AR since 2000.  She graduated from Farmington High School.  Carrie loves the Northwest Arkansas area and looks forward to providing music therapy services to the people in this area.

Mindy Grusing

Mindy Grusing is a Licensed Certified Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Counseling from Southwest Baptist University in Missouri.  Mindy is the founder of Charis Counseling, PLLC.  Charis, the Greek word for grace, is symbolic of the mission of Charis Charis Counseling.  At Charis Counseling the hope is that self awareness will breed growth in a setting where grace and truth abound.

Mindy presently does private counseling with individuals, children, teens, couples, and families at Cardinal Care Center.  She works with clients on areas such as grief, anxiety, marital discord, depression, transition, and more.  She also does consult counseling for some local area schools were she serves as a help to teenagers in need.

Mindy does therapy with people of all ages, races, genders, belief systems, etc.  Additionally, faith based therapy is offered at client’s request.  It is Mindy’s belief that she sees the greatest positive outcome when seeking the truth of the bible and looking to God for help and strength.

Outside of work, Mindy enjoys spending time with her husband of 20 years and her 3 boys.  She loves to be outside, play games, ride bikes, and be active with her family.  Her favorite activity is wake boarding at the lake. Mindy also loves to be with friends.

Lee Ann Nimmo

“I feel that a good therapeutic relationship is the foundation of personal change and emotional healing. Trust, connectedness and mutual respect are imperative characteristics of a healthy therapeutic alliance. I believe we are made up of mind, body and spirit, and a holistic approach is the best approach for psychological, emotional and spiritual healing.

Person Centered is my basic approach and I use CBT, EMDR for most all therapeutic needs. I assess needs and strengths of an individual and develop a plan of objectives to be addressed through various methods. My practice does offer group therapies, mindfulness, yoga classes, massage and a floatation tank.

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing was originally used as a very successful treatment for Trauma and PTSD. Over the years it has developed and is commonly used as a very successful treatment for depression, anxiety, panic, OCD, and eating disorders. I am also well trained in dissociative disorders.”

Jacquelyn Scalf
Reading Specialist

Jacquelyn is so thrilled to be working with the community and providing Dyslexia Therapy.  She has spent three years working with students with Dyslexia in her school district.  She will be taking her national test in November to add CALT to her license.  A CALT is a certified academic language therapist.

The difference between therapy and tutoring is a therapist has 700 plus hours working with students with Dyslexia. The training is rigorous; it can take three or more years to complete.  Jacquelyn trained for three years to complete LEAD, an accredited multisensory structured learning program that has over 35 years of research.

She looks forward to working with the families in the community and helping their children grow as readers.

Adrienne Kennedy

Adrienne is beyond ecstatic to get the opportunity to work as an intern counselor. She greatly values the opportunity to counsel those who do not have insurance or the out of pocket money that will cover a licensed counselor.

In 2015, Adrienne graduated from John Brown University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Family and Human Services and two concentrations in Child and Adolescent Development and Pre-Counseling. Following undergraduate, Adrienne started to pursue a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Over the last 2 years, Adrienne has gotten the chance to work with Adolescence and Adults struggling with substance use through an Alternative Learning Program and Decision Point. Currently, Adrienne has been at the Cardinal Care Center since may and enjoys getting the opportunity to work with a variety of clients.

Amanda Plummer
MSW Intern

Amanda is blessed to be part of the Cardinal Care team as a practicing intern counselor. She has been part of the team since May while truly valuing the experience to counsel a variety of clients. The experience is incredible because of many reasons, but a cohesive team of people adds to the quality.

Amanda graduated from University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work from University of Southern California with an emphasis in Adult Clinical Mental Health and a Military Sub-Concentration. Prior to entering graduate school, she worked as an Investigator at DCFS.

Amanda is passionate about her career path and her clients. She advocates for her clients to the best of her ability while being supported by a wonderful group of colleagues.

Judy Harwell
Yoga Instructor

Judy (CVYT/RYT500) began yoga classes approximately 15 years ago and has always enjoyed how good it felt when she practiced regularly. Judy has learned so much about how the mind, body and spirit work together, and ways that yoga can contribute to overall well-being. Judy is excited about sharing yoga benefits with others.

Erin Cohen
Yoga Instructor

Erin, CVYT/RYT200, began her yoga journey more than 15 years ago and found a yoga home at AYC in 2006. Erin made a commitment to her lifelong yoga journey by joining the AYC Teacher Training in 2016.
With an educational and professional background in communication and education, becoming a yoga teacher allows Erin to combine her passions. Erin is especially interested in Therapeutic Yoga, yoga for healthy aging, and yoga for mental and spiritual health.
Erin has personally experienced the amazing benefits of yoga with regards to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and loves sharing these with others.

Marilyn Nelson
Yoga Instructor

Marilyn CVYT/RYT500 is a breast cancer survivor, she has personally benefited from the calming and healing effects of a regular yoga and meditation practice. Marilyn is always excited to share the yoga path with others and to encourage their individual journey toward improved health. Marilyn is an artist and an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Arkansas. She enjoys daily hikes in the woods with her husband and their two dogs.

Stephanee Danielson
Yoga Instructor

Stephanee is now a certified VariYoga Teacher with her CVYT/RYT500 and has been practicing at the Arkansas Yoga Center for more than 2 years (she started her yoga journey with Andrea in 1995). She enjoys the relaxation and calming effects that yoga brings as well as increased flexibility. She appreciates the variety of VariYoga poses and flows and how it offers something for everyone, both the young and flexible and the more seasoned and less flexible. She enjoys sharing her love of yoga with others.