Q:  What is floating?
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    A:  Floating is an experience of ultimate peace and relaxation in which you spend one hour in a private, specialized sensory deprivation tank filled with ten inches of highly-saturated Epsom salt water causing one to float completely effortlessly atop the water at near zero-gravity.
    A:  Yes, Floating can be done by nearly anyone from stressed-out managers, overworked moms, athletes, and those individuals just wanting to escape from everyday life and experience a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.  We do however highly recommend that if you suffer from any medical conditions (epilepsy, heart condition) that you consult with your primary care physician prior to floating.
    A:  Just bring yourself, hair conditioner, comb or hairbrush! We provide earplugs, towels, soap, and shampoo, Vaseline for cuts or sores.

    Q:  What if I am claustrophobic?
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    A:  Many people are concerned with whether they will feel enclosed or trapped like in a coffin or tanning bed.  However, our float tank are spacious (8ft long and 5 ft wide), allowing one to put his/her arms over their head, out to the sides, and sit up in the tank if necessary.  Although many choose to float in complete darkness, inside lighting is available and at the control of the floater. Lastly, although the doors to the private float room are locked, the door to the float tank can be opened at any time by the floater.
    A:  The floatation tank is only filled with 10 inches of water and has such a high-density of Epsom salt that any individual, big or small, will float like a cork atop the water.  In fact, many people restfully sleep while in the floatation tank.

    Q:  What if I am pregnant, is floating safe?
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    A:  Definitely! Pregnant women get significant relief in pain and muscle tension from the state of deep relaxation achieved from floating.  We do recommend that a pregnant woman consult her physician prior to floating, especially during the first trimester.
    A:  Yes.  The water in the float tank is completely filtered through our high-tech filtration in between each float session.  Every individual is required to rinse off in the attached shower immediately prior to entering the float tank as well as after floating.  Although the high salinity of Epsom salt kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water, our ozone and filter system maintains a constant water hygiene.  The water in our float tank is far more sanitary than the normal swimming pool or hot tub.